Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July!!!

The day started off pretty bad as you know, but after reading blogs for awhile I was really very encouraged. I'm so glad that most people are better at writing in their blogs than I am :)

My neice's mother Timika invited us to her house for bbQ and water fun for the kids. It was great and something to look forward to in Tuskegee.

The food was good. The hang time was good. The kids played on the water slide and ran screaming in terror from the was a good time.

As we were getting ready to leave, Timika mentioned a fireworks show at the lake starting around 8:30p.m. She said it was just a little something for the kids. I didn't think much about it and of course I didn't expect much...(this is Tuskegee after all).

8:30 rolled around and I thought the kids would just like to get out of the house if nothing else so we jumped in the car to go to the lake.

Well this is what we found!! Okay this is not a pic of Tuskegee, but the traffic is really the point. There were cars and people everywhere!!! I kept whispering to Alonzo "where did all of these people come from"

I obviously had reached my limit of repeating that phrase because Alaiyah started saying (with a voice a lot louder than a whisper), "Why do you keep saying that?"

So, we finally found somewhere to park. (I'm serious yall the people were really out for this) We stood around and saw some backyard fireworks and I thought "Timika was right this is really just a little something for the kids"

Then all of a sudden

I could hardly believe my eyes. I'm talking REAL fireworks! This show was as good as the one in Winn Lakes (Montgomery's 90210 neighborhood). I just could not stop smiling! It was very impressive. I almost forgot where I was!!

When it was over, as we were walking to the car, I could not help but think that the Lord had done that for me. Timika mentioning the fireworks show was purely an after thought as we were walking out the door! Had she not said anything we would have missed a great fireworks show here in Tuskegee Alabama.

I felt as if the Lord wanted me to know that He could do BIG things in Tuskegee too!!

Thank you Lord for my fireworks and my time out with my family in our new hometown!

By the end of the night, my sweet husband was a bit tired of my low blows at Tuskegee. He said that it only encouraged me to be discontent. I actually thought it made me feel better. He's probably right so I'll do better in the future. And besides Tuskegee has shown me that they CAN do something worth writing about.

I intended that to be a compliment. I'm not sure it came out that way. Old habits are hard to break. :)


These Three Kings said...

ok. I wanst sure this was your blog.. like the new layout.. i am working on my bizz so I am going to hook you up.. i hate we missed this.. we are plaining a trip to you guys this week.. i am so excited over what the LORD is doing in your heart.. I get even more encouraged at how you follow His every command! Love you.. thanks so much for always being there for me.. i pray i get better in being there for you

Anonymous said...

We were in Lincolnton and Zenail saw fireworks for the first time. It was great. I'll be posting about it later. Good to hear from you.