Saturday, July 26, 2008

Alaiyah Says...

Ok so we were watching blues clues and it was going off. They were singing the usual Blues Clues song "we can do anything that we wanna do." Here's what follows:

Is there no God on this show?


Is there no God on this show? They said they can do anything they wannna do. Is there no God on the show?

I am rolling!!!!!!!!! Then (because she's starring at me waiting for an answer) I realize she's serious.

I try to gather myself and answer her deep theological question. I was not that successful.

Uh,I guess they really can't do anything they want to do.

As she turns back to the T.V. she casually says,

Whose gonna to tell them?

I loose it again. Two seconds later she says with a look of confusion on her face,

Why don't they ever go to the bathroom?



online lottery said...

It could challenge the ideas of the people who visit your blog.

Brian and Ella said...

that is hilarious!! you've got a deep thinker there!!!

These Three Kings said...

rotf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that child is too much~!!! LOL!!! what in the world..she just a thinker like you..that is clearly your child!

Shaunta' said...

Ok, I had to read that one twice for double the giggles! That was so cute. One day my Brie Brie will be talking...I can only imagine what she will say! I'm still smiling from that post:)

These Three Kings said...

uh...who is the online lottery friend above???? ha!!

Kim said...

the precious mind of a!

Keisha Reid said...

Ohhh, your kids are so cute! Its neat to see that she has discernment at such a young age. Continue to be faithful in training your sweet children.