Sunday, February 22, 2009

Just Lunch

Today all of my kids are sick with the snifflies. Ayden more than the others. I'm pretty sure she has the pink eye, so we'll be going back to see doctor Morrisson tomorrow. Twice in a week. Yippee!! :(

Yesterday the kids made lunch...pb&j, of course.

It was even more fun with cousin Amorri here!!

Ayden discovered that what looked like so much fun, was actually hard work! she decided to just eat it off of the knife. lol.

Aren't Saturdays fun!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

O What a Day!!

Today was scheduled to be a pretty uneventful day. Ayden and I were taking a trip to Montgomery to stop quickly by a consignment shop with my friend Nyema before going to her doctors appointment at 10:30.

I was going to the consignment sale to find storage units. In my new quest to get organized, I need storage!!! Well I found some great storage stuff and, of course, a little more. Some of the items were larger than would fit in my car at the time, so I had them hold them and I went to search for my keys to put the stuff that would fit into my car!'s where the day gets looooong! My keys were on the front seat of my locked car. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! I could've been so upset, but considering that this is far from the first time I've done this and because this time I wouldn't have to spend $40 for the locksmith, I was a little less stressed!

I called Alonzo (in Tuskegee) and broke the news. He said he'd be on his way. (Thanks honey!!!)

I'm so glad Nyema was there. She was able to take me to the doctor's office and we got some good hang time on the way! As I was walking in I got another o so pleasant surpise. My friend Ella was there with her oldest, Hudson, and her precious little new born! I was so glad to see her and get to chat for a minute.

We were at the docs for a recheck of Ayden's ear. All was well with Ayden. Obviously she wasn't so sure about Doctor Morrison.

After her thorough examination, she determined that he was also well :)

I wasn't sure what I would do after we finished with the doctor's visit. I assumed that Shaunta, my friend who has 2 month old twins, would surely be home! Well...surpise, surprise...she wasn't home. She's always home !!! She texted me and said she was in a meeting! I hate I missed seeing her today!

Guess who else was just leaving the doctor's office...Delta!!! God is so good! Of course she had nothing better to do but go and eat lunch with me. lol. No, she was actually going to the grocery store, but was hungry (she's good and pregnant :) so lunch sounded much better!!

After lunch my hubby and kiddoes picked me up from Eastwood! Then we headed back to open my car and get my goodies from the consignment sale. All of it actually fit in the car! The kids were so excited!! Here they are with pics of there new toys!!

You would think that at this point I would be so ready to get home that I'd head straight there! Well...I couldn't pass Willie's Flea World without atleast stopping to see if there was more storage to be found there! was my day!! I found this beautiful wood chest, that matches the kids bunk beds so perfectly. Thank you Lord!!

As if that were not enough for one day...

I went home cleaning and throwing away things like a mad women when I heard, of all things, the tornado siren!!! I didn't think Tuskegee had a tornado alarm. I was very glad to know that we do. Most of you know, I don't play around with sirens. I gathered all of the children into the hallway, grabbed there bowls of taco soup and buckled down for the next 30 minutes. Alonzo and our friend Porscha came and joined us in the hallway!!

30 minutes was waaaaaaaaaay to long for ALL of us to be in the hallway! I should've taken pictures of that, but I was too stressed out to even think of it!

Whew! Now the day is through and I am beat! Night Night!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Karate Boy

Little Zo is taking Karate!!

It is the cutest thing. I wanted Alonzo to go with him. I thought it would be something good for them to do together. I didn't really think that he would do it. He can be a little shy around new things. When I drop him off at the nursery he will almost never go in without me talking him into it. He hides behind my leg and holds on. I was convinced he'd never do karate but I thought atleast we'd try. Alonzo took him and a few minutes later this was one of the videos I got on my phone!

I was so excited!!! I couldn't believe he had jumped right in there and did it!! He looked like such a big boy. It was also so great that I could see him and have the videos on facebook before he even got home from the lesson. lol. We soon progressed!!

He does so great in the class from what I see on video. Everyday when it is time to get ready to go (he goes on Monday and Wednesday) he says he doesn't want to go and that he doesn't like karate.?. I can't figure it out! He seems to enjoy it so much but he never wants to go. This week Alonzo was running late so I had to take him. When we got there he would not go and do the lesson. He stood there and cried! I was so shocked!! When his daddy walked in, I quickly walked out!! I couldn't believe it. When I asked him why he didn't practice while I was there. He said he didn't know and that he doesn't like karate. I'm surely cherishing my videos because I don't know how long this is going to last!!!

Ayden decided she would not be out done! She has talent too!!

She did this over and over again for about 5 minutes. This is what she did when I first pulled out the video camera.

She wasn't quit ready to go public!

Don't Wanna Grow Up

I've decided that Ayden Michelle can never grow up!!!

I don't know if I've been a parent long enough to relax and enjoy it a little bit more (it was slow going there at first) or if she really is just that darn sweet!! I almost can't stand it sometimes. I want to pull out the video camera and catch her every little move.

The way she runs down the hall chasing after her brother and sister.

The way she sruntches up her little face when she is not pleased.

The way she pouts and slaps her hands on her knees as if she just can't take anymore.

Aw!! I feel like she's someones else's child I enjoy her so much (most of the time :)

Today I said "Ayden you cannot grow up. Say ok mommy!" She scruntched her face up because she's two and of course she doesn't want to do anything mommy says without a fight. I said, "say ok mommy". With her face still scruntched up she said (in her whiny voice) "o-tay mommy." How will I ever remember that!!! I won't and it makes me sad!!!

Or the way she puts her face against one side of your face and then the other before she gives her good night kiss!!

or the way she says, "cuse me mommy, cuse me mommy, cuse me mommy, cuse me mommy" until the attempt at saying excuse me not to interrupt is pointless :)

She has so much personality in her little bitty body! It is just hilarious and I love her so!!!