Friday, December 14, 2007

My Baby Is Five!!!

O wow, my baby is five! I can really hardly believe it. It doesn't quite seem like yesterday since she was born or anything, but FIVE!!!! She is so excited about being older. Somehow even she knew this was a milestone for her. Now she tells us what she should and should not be able to do because she is five. For example, "Momma I should be able to pick up Ayden now because I'm older, I'm five." O really!!! She's not only five, but the day after her birthday she lost her first tooth. Aghhhhhhhhh! I'm in mourning. She is the happiest little camper around! She looks really cute with her missing tooth, though! Somehow even that makes her look older.
Life will soon change forever for us. In all likelihood she will go to school in the fall and she will never again be in my home all day long for such an extended period of time. Boo Hoo Hoo! O Lord please help me to keep these days in perspective and enjoy them and use them to teach her of You!

Not only is Alaiyah growing up but so is Zo. "Ah Ah" is gone forever! Zo could not pronounce Ayden so he would call her "Ah Ah." Yesterday he said he wanted to hole Aynen's bottle. I said What? He said "Aynen's bottle!" Boo Hoo!!!!! Both of my children love my pretend tears over their growing up, by the way. Alaiyah told a friend of mine "don't say that I'm five too loud or my mother will cry" but later she sends her cousin Amorri into the room to say "Alaiyah's five." I eventually caught on and said Boo Hoo! Alaiyah says, "see, told you" as they run out of the room.

When I can take a HUGE step back and look at my life and my family, I am soooo very blessed. My children are such a blessing and will continue to be a joy as the Lord grows ME through the challenges of parenting.