Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Books Galore

I went to the library today and as I was leaving I saw the sale of a lifetime!!

Books 3/25cents! That's right people, 3 children's books for only 25 cents. So, ofcourse, I wanted to just roll the entire cart out to my car and give them that ten dollars :)

Alas, I didn't have my checkbook so I scrownged (is that a word) around for every penny I could find. I looked for every book with a brown person on it and anything that looked remotely interesting. I walked away with 27 books for $2.50.

These were great books that my children will love for years. They are going to grow up thinking that the African-American culture is the norm. I love it!

When I walked in the door. I said (in the most excited voice that I could muster) Guess What I Found!!!!! Everybody, ofcourse, said WHAT!!! I pointed to all of the books on the table and said that I'd gotten ALLLL of these books for only $2.50...even YOU could afford these, I said!!

They were so excited. We looked through every book. I pulled out all of the little ones with little brown boys on them and gave them to Zo (it was about 8 Wow!) and all of the little brown girls and gave them to Alaiyah and 3 little brown baby books for Ayden.

(In case you're wondering! Their is a limited supply of books with little brown children on them at the library. We love all cultures and want to expose our children to them. I want them to grow up reading and learning about all different kinds of people. To be able to purchase so many books with people of color on them was a rare treat!!!)

I was surprised at how much everyone loved having their OWN books. I'd never really given anyone their own books. I just bought books. Ayden kept saying, That's my book! Read MY book! It was precious.

I thought of Beth Moore's "Feather's from My Nest" and how she said when you love God you don't have to work Him into every conversation. Your love for Him will just spill out.

My love for books and reading gives me a perfect example of how that looks. I don't have to work up a love and excitement for books. I LOVE THEM!!! and my babies are naturally catching that same love.

Lord help me to love you in a way that's obvious to all! Let my love for you just ooze out of me, so that I can't help but share with others my love and excitement for you!!