Friday, December 14, 2007

My Baby Is Five!!!

O wow, my baby is five! I can really hardly believe it. It doesn't quite seem like yesterday since she was born or anything, but FIVE!!!! She is so excited about being older. Somehow even she knew this was a milestone for her. Now she tells us what she should and should not be able to do because she is five. For example, "Momma I should be able to pick up Ayden now because I'm older, I'm five." O really!!! She's not only five, but the day after her birthday she lost her first tooth. Aghhhhhhhhh! I'm in mourning. She is the happiest little camper around! She looks really cute with her missing tooth, though! Somehow even that makes her look older.
Life will soon change forever for us. In all likelihood she will go to school in the fall and she will never again be in my home all day long for such an extended period of time. Boo Hoo Hoo! O Lord please help me to keep these days in perspective and enjoy them and use them to teach her of You!

Not only is Alaiyah growing up but so is Zo. "Ah Ah" is gone forever! Zo could not pronounce Ayden so he would call her "Ah Ah." Yesterday he said he wanted to hole Aynen's bottle. I said What? He said "Aynen's bottle!" Boo Hoo!!!!! Both of my children love my pretend tears over their growing up, by the way. Alaiyah told a friend of mine "don't say that I'm five too loud or my mother will cry" but later she sends her cousin Amorri into the room to say "Alaiyah's five." I eventually caught on and said Boo Hoo! Alaiyah says, "see, told you" as they run out of the room.

When I can take a HUGE step back and look at my life and my family, I am soooo very blessed. My children are such a blessing and will continue to be a joy as the Lord grows ME through the challenges of parenting.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Double Girls Double Trouble!

Alonzo was out of town for a week and boy am I glad he's back. The night before he left I awakened to Ayden screaming at 3a.m. which NEVER happens. I got up and gave her a bottle thinking it was just a random hunger cry. She drank the entire bottle so I was certain that was the case. I laid her down without a problem and took a midnight potty break. When I came out of the bedroom anxious to climb back in the bed I once again hear her screaming. I get her up again. This time I'm certain something is wrong. I rock her...she screams. I try to give her medicine...she screams. I offer food...she screams. I put her to sleep for awhile. She wakes up and screams. Clearly she's in pain, but she's had ear infections before so I"m convinced that's not it. I eventually wake Alonzo up. She's just screaming and I'm about to come undone. He jumps up and offers other solutions. I try those...she screams. I'm grateful for his company anyway. We all lie together in our chair and 1/2 and she falls asleep again. We sleep together for awhile and then...she screams. This went on and on throughout the night. Needless to say, the first thing I did the next morning was call the pediatrician's office. They informed me that I would have to try to see a Pri-med clinic doctor if they would see her. If not I"d have to wait until Monday. AHHHH! another night like that... Alonzo had to leave, so he prayed for us and we kissed him goodbye. The Lord is gracious and my pediatrician is wonderful! About 20 min. later Dr. Morrison, who is also my church member, called and said that he didn't want me to have to wait until Monday and he would see me after church at 12:15. PRAISE GOD FROM WHOM ALL BLESSINGS FLOW!!! I was so grateful, even though I only had an hour to get all of the children and myself dressed for our second trip to the doctor in the week. Ear infection is the diagnosis...a really bad one. We dose her with Tylenol and ear drops and we make it through the next night without a hitch. All will be well after all. Well...
Monday night was full of adventure again. The kids normally go to bed around 8pm. I lay Alaiyah and Zo down after reading our stories and answering Alaiyah's millioneth question and Zo's attempts to imitate those same questions. I try to lay Ayden down but she screams. "That's odd," I thought. I let her cry for a minute thinking she would calm down...she didn't. I went to pick her up and lay her back down several times before I gave up. She was perfectly content being up. No fussing or whining or anything. She was actually playing on the floor like it was 2:00 in the afternoon. I decided to get on the computer. About 11 p.m. we (Ayden and I) get another visitor...Alaiyah. I'm thinking, "what is going on here!"Alaiyah says, of all things, "My ear hurts." Surely not?!? I tell her she'll be ok and eventually let her lay down in my bed. I decide 2 kids up in the middle of the night is too much so Mrs. Ayden has to go. She decides to agree this time. Now I can go to sleep. Well...not exactly. When I get in the bed Alaiyah is really uncomfortable. She says her ear still hurts. Now I know this was not just an attempt to sleep with Mommy. I give her some of the ear drops the doctor prescribed for Ayden (shh!) I had to bribe her to get her to let me give her the drops. So, here I am in the middle of the night sitting up in my bed with my four year old eating a popsicle while my husband is out of town. The drops don't work. After about an hour her ear is still hurting. I get up agian and give her some Motrin hoping that that will eleviate the pain so we can get some sleep. She asks if she can "please read a book, a really short one, only one." (That's the way 4 year old requests are made around here...or is that attempted manipulation. Hmm!) Absolutely not child, please go to sleep. Ok I probably should have read her just one book, but I'm still kind of in shock that both of my girls have not been able to sleep tonight. She falls asleep. I kid you not 20 minutes later...right after I've dosed off to sleep...I hear of all things the tornado siren. You've gotta be kidding me!!!!! I don't play around with tornado warnings so, I jump out of the bed to turn on the T.V. Here I sit for the next 15 minutes until the warning is over. Debating in my mind man's responsibilty versus God's sovereignty and should I really get all of these children out of bed. The warning expires and I run back to bed. Immediately the siren sounds again. I have no words to explain my unbelief. I run to the T.V again. When I see that the potential tornado is not close to us, I go back to bed and decide I'll just have to trust the Lord with this one. The next day the four of us take our 3rd trip to the doctors office in a week. The diagnosis is ... ear infection. Wow!! Wonders never cease. Praise the Lord for my husband's safe return :)

Our Family!!

Alonzo, Antoinette, Alaiyah 4, Alonzo III 3, and Ayden 9months!