Thursday, July 24, 2008

Alaiyah Says...

Looking back over my pictures I see that I have a lot to post about, but I only have a few minutes and I really want to share this it was sooo cute.

Alaiyah was in her roomtime and I went back there because she was making too much noise. This is of course very typical for her. I spend half of the time that she's in there in terror that she will wake up Zo or Ayden.

I walk in the room and she had books spread in all directions all over my bed. Obviously she noticed the look of confusion on my face because she opened her hands and looked at me as if to say duh!!

She said, "This is the library! There are books all over the place in the library, you know?!" She was so serious and it was hilarious!

When we were in Florida (pics soon) my friend Andrea and I were talking about parenting and she said it often helps to think of speaking to your children as if they were someone else's children.

I don't know about you but I'm usually nicer to other's children.

After I got home the Lord pointed out that these were someone else's children. They weren't just mine...they were His and He'd entrusted them to me for a time. He's reall used that to begin teaching me to learn to be the nice momma instead of the fussy irritated momma I can more often be!! It's not easy BUT the Lord is so kind to reward my efforts immediately and obviously. Alaiyah responds totally different when I'm being kind to her. She is very sweet and very eager to please!

Now I"m saying DUH!! I should be quicker to catch on!!

okay so 30 min. later I call her to come out of the room and she runs in as if the MOST EXCITING THING IN THE WORLD has just happened.

She says, "Come here, you HAVE TO see this."

Ok so the nice mommy (that would be me...just in case you missed it) jumped up and ran to see what was so EXCITING!!

She had made my bed and she was as excited about it as she could be!

"Mommy I did that because I wanted you to be SOOO proud of me!"

"Alaiyah that is so wonderful! I love you soo much! Thanks for making my bed!"

We hug and she says, "That's why I love you too Mommy!"

Ok I could't have created a better moment and it couldn't have happened on a day when I needed it more!

Thank you Lord for loving me through Alaiyah!!!

(p.s. excuse my bedroom I've been emotionally unstable lately which for me translates as absolutely unproductive)


These Three Kings said...

uh, your daughter is such a NERD!! j/k
ha! Love it!! so sweet of her to do that for you.. and your room my dear is not a mess..excuse you..

now, if you excuse me, I am off to talk to kaiya because she doesn't belong to me! :)
i called you yesterday joka! miss ya!

Brian and Ella said...

what great advice!!! i NEED to start thinking that way! thank you!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Can I say, CONVICTION!!! I like that one.I need to be reminded that my kids don't belong to me. Wow, Sis! I needed this one. Praise the Lord.


Real Talker said...

How sweet! She did such a great job cleaning too!