Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My updated list . . .

I think I'll start a journal. :)

Gifts #22 to #145

Jan 29,2011
#22 One Beautiful Day. Thank you Lord
One mosquitoe dead, another, fat with liquid life. Leaving the evidence of its victory on my skin.
Card games to play.
the long hug
Cheerleading, so my girl, and others like her, can thrive where they love
another mosquitoe dead
a nap for Zo
little kisses
the husband who's glad to be home
time with friends
the laugh and play of little girls @ the doll store
sweet unusual fellowhip with Christy
Chronicles of Narnia on audio
Kids eat free @ O' Charley's
The light He shines in the dark places . . . so hard, but so freeing
stealing a quiet moment on the bottom bunk
My clean room -- for a moment
warm heaters
fresh flowers
warm water to clean the dishes
my hand maiden, le dishwaher
my four year olds "mommy"
a game of Simon says with kids and daddy . . . the laughter
the priviledge of homeschooling
the mess that means kids live here . . . my kids
the Father who holds all the water in the world in the hollow of His hands . . . and loves me
story and prayer in my bed . . . sweet
At the Cross by Hillsong
Nicole's heart for the women and girls in our neighborhood
Chubby cheeks
the sound of girls beads
children old enough to clean
Bible time with Daddy
Ayden and Zo practicing for the wedding with Alaiyah as director
"brand new" mattress
Alaiyah's laughter after sick days
Ponatoes Ayden's way of saying tomatoes
My partner in child training
Days that force me to count my gifts
Our school candle
this day the Lord has made
a car that works
time and reason to clean
medicine that helps little ones feel better
Alonzo and Terrance's time together in Atlanta
The Allen's wedding tomorrow . . . celebration . . . reminder
Ayden's "the room is clean, so , so clean. i'm not tricking you"
Alaiyah can multiply, and now I can teach her to divide
Ayden's secret conversation with herself.
Her explanation of the secret. Haaaaaaa!
the little voice I still here in room long after bedtime
Alaiyah's grown up conversation
Col 1:29 and the power that mightily works within me
21 other gifts
Feb 12,2011
the wedding ceremony and the reminder, this is God's idea for His glory
warm tea
#100 vick's on the little feet
God's word that helps me know and remeber how great He is and how capable of caring for me
the bird's song
the call to today's duty, it is my service to the Lord
the challenge to evaluate, it is a continual call to look to the only judge that matters
weariness, it helps me see my need fo rhim and to rely on His promised strength
Him. . . whol always listens and who is always eager to do
Him pumping my gas, and his too, las night in the cold
the things I don't want to do . . . they force me to die and live again through Christ's power
answer to my prayer . . . how to slow down and embrace each day . . . and live and still homeschool
quietly resting children, with no coughs and vick's coated feet
long talk with the husband, really hearing his heart and rejoicing
words of encouragement given to a grind in a moment of discouragement
prayer and god's truth to remind me of who's I am and who I serve
Pastor Austin's servant heart and that example before these young pastor's
the glower's picked from the YMCA's field with my son proudly bringing his mommy more than the others
the wedding . . . my babies were so cute and so brave
time at the table with friends and my growing friendship with Jayden
the thought of His and Her journals and the capturing of our love and life together
cheeleading . . . helping my big girls grow confident
warm water in the shower
his encouragment to be free and reminder that he's always for me
little pearls, white ribbon, tights
the men my husband gets to work with
20 other gifts
#145 Counting each blessing, naming them one. by. one.

In Gratitude,


Shaunta' said...

Your list sounds rather poetic...not in the depressing kind of way either, but more like in the "wow, wish I could write like that kind of way!" I'm so glad I stopped by your blog tonight. After leaving my gratitude journal idle for several days, I pulled it out today. Writing in it really is a discipline that I want to take hold of.
Did I mention to you that I pray Col. 1:28-29 often? It's so fitting for me...and you!
I love that you and Alaiyah had some time together...a gift.
Love ya!

Wonderful World said...

LOL. Not depressing! I'm so glad! thanks for the encouragement! Love ya!