Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I so need to update my 1000 gifts list here!!! I've still been counting . . . not as much as I should or need to. . . but I've been counting, I just haven't taken the time to update here. i will soon! It's such an encouragement to me.


Last night, I got some rare alone time with Alaiyah.

Rare, not only because of the two other little people who call me Mommy, but also because I'm not intentional about taking the time.

I'm much more often trying to get things done so that when all the kids are in the bed, I can chill!

She came in from BSF and I sat with her while she ate. I'm embarrassed to think how rare that truly is. It was so much fun!!! The child is hilarious. She said one funny thing after another. And so much more than that, I could tell SHE LOVED IT!!!!

As love tanks go, hers was full last night!! She had private time with her mommy. She even mentioned it several times today. It really meant a lot to her.

She's growing in her faith and watching God continually answer her prayers. And unlike me, she seems to always notice that He does. I love that!

Yesterday she was about to meet the training hand of (scary music ) HER FATHER. I ran to her rescue. Literally! Alonzo jokingly replayed the way I jumped off the couch!

Hee Hee!

There was a slight misunderstanding and I just wanted to make sure it was all clear.

Lo and behold, as Alonzo and I talked, Alaiyah~I learned at our late dinner date~was in the bathroom searching her heart to confess her wrong and praying that God would spare her :) She said when her Daddy walked in the bathroom with a smile on his face "her heart bursted with joy" (her words)


I laughed so hard.

She lauged too, but was so serious!!!

She was glad to have been spared a spanking and remembered that God had answered her prayer.

She was a little dismayed that he didn't answer her prayer to get all her math facts right the next day, but she is a little prayer warrior in training after all. :)

That little late night date opened my eyes to all I will miss of my sweet girl, and my other two little people, if I just herd them together and try to get through the day. It made me want to make the time to truly know each of them individually.

I make no mistake about it~~it will take much time.

but isn't it worth it?

Alonzo was talking with a young mom @ our church meeting Sunday night. They were obviously talking about the challenges of being a stay at home mom. He asked me if I struggled with that.


that wasn't the best day to be on display! I had had a rough time of it that day and was just not emotionally all there.

I said I was convinced that this is where the Lord wants me.

I am.

I just think sometimes I need a bigger vision for what I'm doing. Something to spur me on on the hard days.

Colossians 1:29 For this purpose also I labor, striving according to His power, which mightily works within me.

I was really clinging to this verse the next day for strength to keep on keeping on. Because of the conversation the night before I asked the Lord..."for what purpose do I labor" . . . "Why do I really do all this?"

His response TO BUILD MY KINGDOM!!!!!!!!!!!

This is my part in building the kingdom of GOD!!!!!!!!!!!

Loving this husband, raising these little people, keeping this house, loving these neighbors is my part in building the kingdom of OUR CREATOR, My Savior, KING OF ALL KINGS!!!!!!

This kingdom that shall have NO END!

Let's think . . . diapers will end, days of rearing children will end, endless to do lists will end, sorrow, pain, suffering, hard days will end . . .

but this Kingdom, for which I labor and, therfore, my work in this kingdom . . . WILL. NEVER. END.

So I labor on! With His divine power that MIGHTILY works within me!

In Gratitude,

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