Friday, January 28, 2011

Gifts 10-21

My Lord who leads me like a Shepherd and carries me in His arms forever. Psalm 28:9

The grace of God that frees me to see and enjoy the gift of Christ's sacrifice without the burden of "what I must do".

This post that brought me to tears as I read exactly what I feel God doing in my very own heart at this much needed time as I look for His gifts to me each day!

Evidence of the grace to speak words that make souls stronger even as I memorize and pray toward that goal.

To look @ my son as he communicates his frustration over just a little thing and instead of my heart filling with irritation, filling with gift . . . he is God's gift to me!

My husband's stare . . . and response to my questions . . . "because you're my wife and your special and I love you"

The reminder of how much I need this list. Sigh.

A friend who trusts me with her deepest hurts in the hurting moment.

A friend who encourages me even out of her own discouragement.

The sound of my children loudly playing during their "quiet time".

Yet another king size mattress and another's willingness to help us pick it up.

Theraflu :)


Beth said...

Found you at Ann's and I too love the reminder that I need the list ... I am working towards my 1000 gifts while reading Ann's book on my Kindle.

Donna said...

Welcome to the transforming power of listing gifts. I saw your post at Ann's blog. Blessings to you and your family during this transition.

Shaunta' said...

Hi Friend, I love, Love, LOVE your list! I'm going to read it again. We need to do a phone date today. I'll text u to see if we can make it happen. love you