Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2009 Facebook Status Updates LOL

It's so fun to see them all listed like this!!

I'm inspired to update more this year! It's kind of like a year in review! :)

is amazed at my sweet time with a friend on facebook chat! Wow Lord!!

+ X is refreshed from a happy homeschooling day! Now it's nap time and I'm going to watch my 1st Netflix movie! Yes!!

+ X The kids are finally in the bed. Ahhh!!!

+ X I had such a great great day at the skating rink with my kiddoes!! It was so wonderful. Adult conversation, fun for kids. Yippee!!!

+ X My glasses were peed on twice today as they fell off my face while I was trying to help my my child pee.

+ X He said, "Alaiyah, Alaiyah, Mommy's glasses fell off AGAIN!" Wow!

+ X Such a busy day, but O so refreshing! Thank you Lord!!

+ X Those who know your name will trust in You, for You, Lord, have never forsaken those who seek you! Psalm 91:10

+ X is sitting with my little one that has a slight fever. She looks so pitiful! Aw!

+ X is listening to Ayden who decided she wanted to start talking, YESTERDAY!! Her fav's "I don won tat" "aw man" "I wan see"

+ X Ayden just PP's in the potty!!! Yeah!!!!

+ X Ayden just PP'd in the potty!!! Yeah!!!!

+ X is praying for the safety of Obama tomorrow! Join me.

+ X is trying to keep kids quiet so that I can hear. lol

+ X Jooooooooe Biden! I always like ol' Joe!

+ X Hey Harmony!! Everyone said heeeeeeeeey!

+ X Congrats!! President Obama! and those precious little brown girls in the white house!!

+ X Everytime Alonzo sees Michelle he says "Carissa". He says you two look alike.

+ X Tuskegee Airmen baby!!

+ X less than 60 years ago...dang!

+ X interesting!

+ X oops! need to + that to my homeschool lesson...the national anthem

+ X look at Jill with the knee boots on!

+ X stop playing with my emotions!!

+ X RU really coming?

+ X is still watching CNN. lol

+ X is still watching CNN and waving! lol

+ X O my! I think I just figured out how to update from my phone. I hope this is not charging me. LOL

+ X Rejoices in the RESULTS of my trials and the love of my God!

+ X is waiting for my DVR so that I can watch something I actually want to watch when I'm able to watch T.V.

+ X Laughing at my husbands status and even harder at his friends comments. Lol.

Your February statuses are below the ad

+ X is glad to be able to spend the super bowl with my friend!

+ X is in tears that my baby is at his first karate lesson and doing so well!!

+ X is now in tears because Ayden just hit me in the head with a wooden brush. Ouch! Cometology is probably not in her future.

+ X Amazed that The Little House on the Prairie actually has some drama in it. Lol

+ X is just sitting here.

+ X would post 25 random things , but I can't figure out how to tag anyone. That better Nikki. lol

+ X Playing outside with kids.

+ X is updating my blog!!

+ X on my way home for a nap. I don`t feel the greatest.

+ X is watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with the kids! It's really cute!

+ X Ok cute might not be the best way to describe it. Let's just say we're enjoying it! It's actually a little wierd!

+ X is trusting HIM!

+ X is so excited about the snow!!!

+ X is headed to primed today...again!!!

+ X is grateful for doctor friends! I was able to skip primed and still get my meds!

+ X sitting here talking to Harmony and Nicole and lovin' it!!!

+ X is so excited about my weekend on Westcott! I think I could get used to that!

+ X Pray for my Alaiyah. She has a stomach bug, fever and all!!

+ X Rejoicing in the grace and miracle of God with my sister Zinnada!! Praise Him!! Congratulations Girl!!

+ X is 2 old to b hanging out with college students until 1 AM, but it sure was fun!! lol

+ X is sitting on the couch with my 2 sick girls!

+ X I...have...no other choice but to trust you! That's all I can do! I...Have...no other choice but to Believe! I Believe!!!! Thanks Eu!!

+ X I...Have...no other choice, but to trust YOU! That's all I can do! I...Have...no other choice, but to Believe! I Believe! I Believe! I Believe! I Believe! thanksEu!

+ X U know U are facebook parents when your child says, "Mommy I took a good profile pic of Zo." I said, "What's a profile pic." She said (smiling), "A good pic!" Atleast she doesn't actually know what a profile pic is! LOL.

+ X I'm really moving! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! There are filled boxes in my house! Wow! Life changes sooooo fast!

+ X There are MORE boxes in my house!!!! I'm really moving yall! Right now I'm about to go on a date with my hubby! Gotta love it!!

+ X If you haven't guessed already...we're moving SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!! Yes!!!!!!!!

+ X Ok so I'm truly learning how to take thoughts captive as I try not to be overwhelmed by all that "seems" to be left to be done! I'm praying for wisdom and the Lord is faithful to give it and peace along with it! Praise Him!!

+ X I'm leaving my house for my new temporary home! Thank you Lord for all You've done and all You will do! :-) antoinette

+ X The kids are running around the Missions House like it's huge. O the eyes of a child!

+ X We are on our way to our last Campus Outreach function! ... tear. Thank you Lord for a GREAT ten years.

+ X In MD with the inlaws!! I told the kids we may go to Pres. Obama's house. Zo asked if he was going to put up the dog because he's scared of dogs! LOL

+ X Alaiyah was in her room today pretending to be Michael Jackson's wife. The tell tell sign...her one pink glove! HAAAAAA!!! Hey it was the only color she had!!!

+ X MY IPOD CAME TODAY!!!!!!! Yes!!!! and I had my first 5 hour enery! It works so well it's scary! Somebody tell me this is good for me...EVERYDAY!!!

+ X Check out video of my Daddy and Alaiyah singing!!

+ X just hopped up out her beeed and turned her swag oooonnnnn!!! took a looked da mirror said wassup!!!!... I love my husband Alonzo Brown JR so much!!!!!!! He is the bestest!!!

+ X "Lord in everything we do. Don't wanna ever take our eyes off you. Need your Spirit like we need to breath. Just wanna serve you only!!" Joann Rosario

+ X Wow!! Thanks for all the birthday wishes!! I loved it!! Even though I"m just now getting them, it makes the celebration just keep going and going!!! :)

+ X The Last Supper!!! Waaahhhhhh!! This was Ayden's last meal, before the Salvation Army pick up, in the high chair that ALL of my babies have used!!! O, will I ever have another little one! (tear)

+ X O the difference, JOY, of cooking with a 10 year old (my niece Amorri) and a 6 year old!!!!! There is hope for the future!! :)

+ X Why did my 2 year old just tell me, "I no wan to wear dat." AAAAAAA! I can already see who I'm going to have the wardrobe battles with! LOL!

+ X The Blind side was WONDERFUL!!!! We can truly make a HUGE difference in other's lives by simply caring and taking the risk to get involved!! Loved it!!! :)

+ X It's the new me!!!! YEAH!!!!!

+ X Sitting next to my Christmas tree in a quiet house with the lights low! I love it!!!

+ X "God doesn't love some future version of you...He loves you right now!!!!" Matt Chandler O Thank you Lord!!!!

+ X Ok, so... I think I'm getting sick from wetting my hair everyday? Is this just a coincidence?

+ X Happy Birthday to my sweet baby girl! She's 7 years old today!!!

+ X Ahhh, Celebrating the birth of my Savior!!! I love this season!! Merry Christmas everyone!!!

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These Three Kings said...

what in the world!! LOL!! only you would figure out how to do this! wow! I love it!! hahahah