Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Alaiyah Speaks

I'm teaching Alaiyah to read street names because I am so terrible at it. I never know what the street names are, so it's always hard for me to give directions!!! I don't want that to be a generational thing. LOL.

She's doing a great job and reading not only the street we are on,but EVERY one we pass. We passed Union street and she said, "there is Onion Street!!" I giggle just thinking about it. It was so cute.

The next day we turned on Whitman and she said (singing), "We're on Whiteman St. We're on Whiteman St. " I was rolling!!! It was hilarious!!! You just never know how things seem to those little ones who take everything literally. LOL.

She's really been on a roll this week! We were listening to "O Christmas Tree." She said, "OOOOOU they are loving the world." I said, "why do you say that." She said, "because they are praising the Christmas tree!!"

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! I was on the floor!!! It was so funny! but encouraging @ the same time. She's obviously listening!!!


These Three Kings said...

LMBO! LMBO!!!! Amen to that!!HAAAAAAA!

Shaunta' said...

So cute. Don't love the world or the things of the world...that's right, Alaiyah!!! You know she's learning the things of the Lord from your example...praise Him! Missed seeing you this week. Let's catch up soon.