Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thank You

Ok, so I read a few blogs today and am feeling inspired!!! :)

But, what do I talk about?

(I'm actually sitting with my hands folded thinking, so hold on a sec. :)

Nicole (i would link to her blog but I dont' know how :)sent a text the other day that said (among other great things) "Grateful people are easily contented." That has really stuck with me and helped me FIGHT for joy in a way that I've never really done before!

The reality of that statement struck me first of all! Is that really true? Is the source of my discontent really as simple as a lack of thankfulness?

Well I've often joked that truth in my heart is sometimes like the parable of the sower in the Bible. It springs up really quickly but the cares of the world soon snatch it up. The good thing about this, though, is that I immediately apply what I've heard and learned! That was the case with this truth, but I've been praying that the Lord would cause it to grow deep roots and much fruit in my life.

Because... IT WORKS!!!!!

Whenever I've been overwhelmed or tempted to be discouraged, I will look to the Lord in thanksgiving!! Generally trying to thank Him for something related to my frustration @ the moment and sometimes thanking Him for something that takes my mind off of that frustration.

When I've been exhausted from the mental and emotional challenge of school, I've thanked the Lord that I get to be home with my sweet babies (where I really want to be) and that I have a husband who is fully supportive in this task and that, though funds are limited, I could afford to purchase a curriculum that is currently causing my blood pressure to rise and my head to spin!!!!!!! :)

It has helped me to chill out!!! Instead of stressing about every little thing in my life, I can shift the focus and give thanks!!!

This truth I can't let leave so quickly it's giving me my sanity and so much joy!!!

I took the little two to Publix the other day and instead of barely making it out without screaming! I actually had fun with the little critters and could see how cute they were and how sweet!!!

You know Publix gives cookies to the little ones for free!! I don't take them to the store with me often, but they've finally caught on! They asked for cookies for the first time. When the guy gave us two cookies my sweet Zo said, "But we need another one!" He was thinking of his sister that wasn't there (and that Shhh!! would not have been thinking about him...we're working on that LOL)! As I was explaining to him she would get one another time the bakery guy was so sweet to give us another one that we saved for her.

Later they asked for some gold fish. I said no, but since I was being a nice mommy that day I decided, "O go ahead live a little" :) Well he promptly gathered 3, not 2, little boxes of goldfish in his arms and brought them to the basket!!! So Sweet!!! He is becoming a regular little gentleman!

and I probably would not have noticed it before CHOOSING GRATITUDE!!!

Now on to Fred Hammond who always manages to help me remeber to thank the Lord!!!! That boy has skills!!! :)

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