Saturday, August 30, 2008

I Love Blogs!!

I was reading a friends blog about her time with her little boy. I was struck with and encouraged by how she really enjoys her kids. She talked of spending time talking with her son taking pictures with him and drawing with him while her youngest slept. What in the world? Nap time is equivalent to MY TIME!!! I don't want to here from any children for atleast an hour.

I want to enjoy and have fun just being with my kids. I prayed that the Lord would show me how and just like my lesson on loving people he reminded me that it was a choice. Instead of focusing on what I want to be doing right now or what I really should get done, I can choose to focus on this moment right now with this person and in this case my children.

So, not 10 seconds later when Zo whined that his head hurt, instead of sending him off and telling him it would be ok. I picked him up and hugged him and just cuddled with him for awhile. That somehow (I guess in answer to my How? to the Lord) turned into a game of run from the dangerous bees that we even got daddy involved in.

He's such a good Daddy. He had no clue what was going on as the kids and I huddled on the couch being very careful not to touch the carpet where the bees were. Alonzo walked in the room and I said, "Daddy hurry you have to jump on the couch so the bees won't get you." He didn't miss a beat. He ran and jumped his grown tail on the couch as if he'd been a part of the game all along. (thanks Honey!)

It was such fun and I could tell they were really loving it. Then we made lunch “together”. Another of those things I just don’t do because it’s so stressful and frustrating. I think it’s a matter of perspective. They had a great time and Alonzo and I actually had a great conversation while they were having fun fixing lunch. Both things I would never normally do.

Thank the Lord for blogs. I am so encouraged by them.

Thank you Lord for yesterday!!! Help me to keep the perspective of enjoying my children and making that a priority.

I talked with my friend Kim the other day and my huge take aways were huge in helping to change my perspective on life and children:

~~~One of the things that was huge from our conversation was having the perspective that everything is appointed by the Lord. All of my children's little arguments, the fact that I’m in Tuskegee, AL after the Wal-Mart has gone because people were stealing all of the merchandise, all of the students that were in my home last night and who felt welcome here, Ericka calling (or facebooking) to see if she could come and spend the weekend. All of these and all others are appointed by the Lord. This is what He has given me to glorify Him. Though it’s hard work and I often shy away from hard work (or RUN away to be more exact) this is really what I want to be doing. I do want to be here raising my children, homeschooling, and sharing my life with college students. It sounds good in theory. The reality is often much more difficult. I realize that now and I embrace it, with the Lord’s divine and limitless help. I will make a choice to enjoy!! In the face of the difficult and maybe one day because of it, because I know that God is using these times to make me stronger and better able to serve and love Him and those He brings around.

~~~Another of my take aways is that I must continually speak truth to myself. By continually I mean continually. The lips of my mind should always be moving the truth into my heart. There is no other way to serve the Lord. The world, my flesh, satan are fighting constantly to pull me in another direction. How can I survive if I don’t continually pull myself back with the truth. Taking “every” thought captive has taken on a whole new meaning. Every single thought!!!!

~~~Yet another take away was that I need to die to my expectations of what my children should be doing. “I have told you this a million times you should get it by now” DIE DIE DIE!!! To my expectation! That doesn’t mean that I don’t train or that I don’t discipline, but what it does mean is that I do it with an entirely different heart. I should not become as irritated and frustrated as I have been. This is what the Lord has given me to glorify Him. It is appointed by Him. All I am to do is ask Him what I must do with it in order to show my children Jesus, who I so long for them to see and know!!

Praise God for His commitment to finish the work that He began. He is so faithful and loving to show us our sin and give us grace and power to turn away from it.

Well, I must go now. According to Zo the bees are back!!!!

These are just a few pics from the fellowship we had at our house with our Tuskegee freinds last night! It was a packed house and a really great time! I praise the Lord for putting us in a position to be a part of their lives. If only I can keep speaking the truth to myself, I might continually thank Him for this blessing!

When the students come over it's always like a party for my kids! They absolutely love it!!!


Anonymous said...

Amen, Sister! The verse that I'm striving to apply when I find myself feeling frustrated with "my time" being "taken" is "consider others more than yourselves".

Let us continue to press on to holiness through motherhood (and other areas in our lives.)


Anonymous said...

I laughed and wanted to cry at the same time! The sovereignty of God is exciting! Enjoy, Kim

Anonymous said...

Laugh at me...on your blog messing up! Kim

Anonymous said...

Laugh at me...on your blog messing up! Kim

Shaunta' said...

Good to hear that God is giving you joy. I'm telling you, our way of thinking makes such a difference in how we handle things. Halley is with her GRANDparents until Tuesday! It has been wonderful to have time without her...and of course I still love her, but this break has been GREAT! Maybe we will actually get to come visit Tues on our way back from the state line. Will call and see how your day is going and if that's ok. I hope it will work. BTW, the house looks so roomy and nice! Man, it was F-U-L-L in that tip!

Kristin said...

I'm so glad you were inspired! Know that we don't do that EVERY day, but it's just like you said... choosing in those little moments to BE there. You encourage me, too, girl! Loved reading this. I think we all relate!