Thursday, September 11, 2008

A New Budget Watcher in the Making

Alaiyah and I were in the car today going to pick up Amorri and she said,

"Momma they have burritoes for free."

I said "really?"

she said, "Yeah and the graham crackers are free too...and their from PUBLIX!!!"

Then she moved on to the car magazine.


It looks like I'll soon have my very own personal coupon searcher outer/clipper!! Praise the Lord!! I know that she noticed those because she hears me telling Alonzo about all of the great deals at Publix...and because she's such a great reader!!!!!


We had our first family day trip to the YMCA today and it was wonderful. I always love it when Alonzo and I are able to go together. We don't generally workout together (he plays basketball and I get on my beloved Elliptical w/ my Ipod...Ahhh! such a wonderful time), but just knowing that my whole family is there makes it so much more fun for everyone! Here's to many more family Y trips!!!!

Ok since clearly this is a very random post, I thought I'd include some random pics :) Ayden loves her big brother and wants to be just like her big sister. Alaiyah was painting her fingernails and Ayden climbed her little self in the chair and propped her foot on the table. Enough said!!!!


Brian and Ella said...

that is just the sweetest thing...what sweet sisters!!

i'm so glad you are enjoying the y! maybe someday we'll be there, too! :)

and yes, we would love to play...we are so flexible...are you free next week???

Kristin said...

Oh, those pictures are priceless!!