Friday, April 4, 2008

Our Puppy Is Gone

What puppy you ask?

Let me explain. Alonzo (my husband) was never, I say never, willing to entertain the idea of getting a puppy. His thinking was that he doesn't want to do that kind of labor for a puppy. Well a student asked if we could babysit her brand new puppy German Shephard for three days until she could get her home to her mom's in Florida. We of course said yes and our lives will never be the same.

Spirit was such a sweet puppy. She was a little nervous when she got to our house. The kids liked it that way because she was calm and they could pet her. Well the next day she started to warm up to us and little Zo never left the couch anytime she was out. She was so smart. She had already started doing really well with house training. In the days she was with us, she had already started having fewer accidents and using the bathroom on a regular basis when we took her outside.

Don't get me wrong it was work. But I can definetely see why people consider dogs companions. Our house seems so much more empty without her here.

As you can see she won us over. She even started to whimper when it was time for her to go (lump in my throat). She not only won me over,but also Alonzo. He was ready to keep her and we are sure that a dog is in our future.


Anonymous said...

Woo, woo! LOL

That's sweet. I was surprised too. I didn't know that you all had a dog and then you explained.

That's good that that dog touched you alls heart to prepare you to have one of your own.

I don't think a dog will be in Matthew Hodges' home! Uh, let me not say that because some body, might have us dog sit a dog. LOL

Keisha Reid said...


Kristin said...

I'm here, finally! It is such a sweet privilege to see your little ones!! My, haven't the times changed from nights in Barron at Judson??!! I love you, friend!

These Three Kings said...

sure could use a new blog post from you!! LOL
that dog has been gone for years now j/k

Brian and Ella said...

i miss you and reading your posts!! hope you're doing well.

These Three Kings said...

oh where oh where has my little friend gone!?? oh where oh where can she be???

Anonymous said...

Okay, I'm tired of looking at this puppy! LOL
Where are you, Sis! LOL

Just messing with you. (smile)