Thursday, March 13, 2008

In God's Place, At God's Pace

"The strength of patience hangs on our capacity to beleive that God is up to something good for us in all our delays and detours." John Piper Future Grace

I feel soooo free and I could not be more gratful to my Lord!!!

This day started off pretty crappy. Alonzo and I talked about it and I realized how difficult this move to Tuskegee has been for me. We were very excited about being here, so even though I'm in the place I expected...I'm nowhere near the place I expected.

I know...doesn't make any since to me either.

God met me though in my confusion. Things will not always go as planned, but they go according to His plan and in that I can


In Future Grace Piper talks about how different our responses to interruptions would be if we knew they were saving our lives. The thing that just amazes me about knowing the Lord is that we don't have to ever know the reasons but can at the same time be 100% confident that there are reasons and that they are GOOD!!!

I don't know why the Lord called us here, away from everything (and I do mean everything) to do a work I can't possibly accomplish. Perhaps he'll do it in a different way. Perhaps it was for some other reason entirely. What I DO know is that my Father in heaven who LOVES ME has a plan and it is good!!

I'm not where I expected to be, but I'm in God's place at God's Pace.

O Lord help me to trust you...when days are long and hard...when I don't know why. Trusting that you will guide me every step and give me grace to glorify you. Amen.

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THESE 3 KINGS said...

whew! AMEN SISTA!! AMEN!!!
I hear our savior talking!! I am so rejoicing in our KING, leading you, and faithfully ministering to you during this time...

What a beautiful reminder that we live for him, and not tell me that on friday night :)
love you sooo much!