Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Snow Day

We heard that there might be snow, but generally that means NO SNOW!! Not this time...

Alaiyah could not have been more excited!!

There was even enough to make a snow man.

We had so much fun that we almost didn't make it to church!

Such great memories!!


These Three Kings said...

what fun!! i hate I did not get any pics of kaiya in the back yard.. i hate i was too sick to go out and enjoy!
you are soo good with saving those memories!!

love it!

Anonymous said...

Look like fun! LOL


These Three Kings said...

Love you friend!! You encourage and inspire me in so many ways..come on over to my blog and get your award!


These Three Kings said...

I am soo mad at this!! why is there still 'snow day' on your blog!! come on sista post something!! :)